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Mace Consulting Ltd

Photo credit: Chris Williams

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Mace Consulting operates a service in Hong Kong for those business persons seeking to enter into the Hong Kong and/or Pearl River Delta area for trade and investment purposes.

We feel that business investors should be introduced to new investment territories from an objective viewpoint and free of spin. The service aims to introduce prospective investors to the region, overview economic and infrastructural developments.  The objectives:

  • Learn about Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. Understand the interaction between the two economies;
  • Go 'commercial sightseeing' to gain an understanding of the business environment and gauge market conditions;
  • Identify business ideas on a conceptual basis. How much potential is there in the region for you?;
  • Overview infrastructure developments and planned projects;
  • Meet with Government departments and private businesses dependant on how far business planning has progressed;
  • Overview lifestyle and expatriate living. Consider local working conditions;
  • Discuss tax, licencing, business establishment etc.; and
  • Visit programming.

As each client has different expectations and is at different stages of planning or development, we undertake each project as an individual tailor-made case. We endeavour to 'tell it like it is'. We do not have package deals available and limit the number of persons undertaking the programme to three key persons per project/client. We use a mix of private and public transport so as to ensure a hands-on experience of the infrastructure.

We do not take commissions from suppliers. We invite you to submit an enquiry so that we may contact you, devise an appropriate programme and quote an appropriate cost. You should give us a brief rundown of your expectations, areas of interest and planning/development to date. Include your contact details. All enquiries are treated in confidence.